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Hi, I am the Female Yeti, and thank you for visiting my page.

I had a crazy dream to travel around the world without any plans. So I have bought my one way ticket to Kathmandu and landed there on the 10th of September 2015!

With this page I hope to inspire some of you to follow your dreams too.

Why Nepal?

I have been to Nepal twice before and fell in love with the kindness of it’s people and breathtakingly beautiful mountains.  When I heard about the earthquake I knew I had to help the country somehow. I have already managed to send some immediate aid to Nepal and helping in person is my next mission.

Nepal Himalayas

Christmas 2012: Himalayas in Nepal

Why I decided to travel around the world with a backpack?

I have realised that what defines my life nowadays is all plans/commitments and not my desire.  Most of my days I wake up for what I have to do and not what I would like to do.  So I thought for a few months/years I will just tip the balance over and wake up each day for what I would like to do and make every single day count.

Where is this Yeti come from?

I am originally from Budapest, Hungary. My love for travelling probably was born when I was travelling with my family across Europe and living in a campervan for a summer.


Somewhere on the road in Norway in the 80’s. Im the little smurf on the far right.

In my 20’s I was doing some low paid jobs during my collage and university years to fund my studies and had no money or time to travel at all.  Once I finished university I could not find a proper job  in Hungary without speaking English.  So one day I packed my suitcase and took my hard earned savings (18000 Forints/£45) and bought a one way ticket to London.  I literally rebooted my life and started everything from zero.

With my hard earned Masters in Finance degree, I was cleaning and looking after kids!  I didn’t mind too much though as I knew that no new beginning is easy and was hoping for a better future. All the hard work and patience did pay off in the end and I had more opportunities in London than I would have never dared to dream of back home.  For a few years I was balancing my holidays and work.  But the more I saw of the world the more I wanted to see, and coming back was getting harder every single time.


My hometown Budapest

My wildest dreams of David Hasselhoff

When I was growing up in Hungary my big dream was just to be able to travel to America once in my lifetime.  All I wanted to do was to go to Santa Barbara beach in California, stand on a lifeguard station and look into the ocean just like David Hasselhoff used to in Baywatch, with his beautiful eyes scanning the waves for any danger.  His amazing hairy chest and heroic slow motion runs on the beach were carved into my brain since the 90’s.

This dream came true a few years ago and I could never of imagined that I would have already have set foot on 6 of the 7 continents (Antarctica, you are on my bucket list). But this is life; if you work hard and you are focused everything is possible, even more.

Moving to London helped this dream come true.  So if somebody tells you that is not worth to dream about hairy chests then don’t believe them as I am the prime example that it is worth it.

Los Angeles beach

California 2010: Spotting the people in trouble just like the Hoff in Baywatch on the lifeguard station.

Where did I get the guts to hit the unknown with a backpack?

I have been single for many years which made me explore a lot on my own.  This pushed me to go outside of my comfort zone many times and led me to start to having more and more adventures. I realised I had been scared of far too many things before just because they were outside of my comfort zone and was unknown.  I have learned that we don’t have limits, our limits are what we create for ourselves in our head.  It took me many years to get to the right mental state to travel around the world armed only with my backpack (and laptop) but I am ready now and will keep you updated of my adventures!

Winter Climbing in North Wales

North Wales (UK) – Winter 2015: Out of my comfort zone in gale force winds on a steep gully and loving every minute!

Why I will not be waiting until my retirement to start to ‘enjoy life’

Wait another 30 years????? Nooooo!!  I constantly feel that society pushes me to conform; to study, get a job and then get a better one, buy a house then a bigger one, get married, have 2.4 children and a puppy dog and on top of all that, I’m supposed to be saving for my retirement too!! 

Life looks like a well organised plan where I would just need to tick the right boxes at right time then retire.  Well, I’m not an average box ticker and my parents did not raise me to be one.  

Life is beautiful because we are all different and want different things in life. But for me I follow George Mallory’s vision:

We don’t live to eat and make money. We eat and make money to be able to enjoy life. That is what life means, and that is what life is for.

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  1. Prakash Pudasaini

    Hi Sujy…… yeti!!!!
    I checked your page and found it interesting.
    By the way i’m a teacher of the school where u are volunteering now…

    • Female Yeti

      Ad am, what can I say? Having the best time of my life:)))))))) I miss the blocked toilets though:) hahhahhahhhahhhhahhahhahhaha:) Hope you well too darling.

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