Bucket list

What is a bucket list? 

It is a list of personal goals, dreams, activities and adventures that we would like to achieve before eventually kicking the bucket.  It can be anything from silly random things that you would like to see or do, or big personal goals.  It is definitely not associated with dying, it is completely the opposite which is to live life to it’s fullest!  Looking forward to these goals gives you the enthusiasm to get you through your day to day business.

If we don’t live our life by personal goals/dreams chances are that we will spend most our time caught up day to day activities which we will never remember. At the end of the day we will never remember of the time we spent in the office, front of TV, cleaning the kitchen, commuting but remember all the things which we crossed off the bucket list and the time we spent with loved ones.

Just think back what have you achieved in the past 4 months and what are the goals for the next 4 months; do they really mean anything and you will remember of them for a long time?

No regrets

Before I always found excuses not to do things because they fell out of my comfort zone or I was busy thinking of fulfilling all the society exceptions like high education or establishing family as most people do at my age.  Chasing all these expectations for long years made me tired and I was no getting enough satisfaction from it.  I knew my life was not going in the right direction so I started to focus on myself, so instead of everybody else’s expectations put on me, I decided to write a bucket list.  I started to live my list just a few years ago and I already have a long bucket list with 101 points (it is still growing) and lots of them are crossed off.  Living the list has made me a different person and I am happier than ever.  I made all these happen by not waiting for opportunities.  Instead I created the opportunities to make things happen.

I done a few hairy things in my life but the most dangerous of all is thinking I will have regrets about things I didn’t do. I set my life to have no regrets. I must admit I done things I would never do again, like hitch-hiking in London or bungee jumping, but I done them and have never regret any of my crazy ideas.

Even Mark Twain said:

Twenty years from now, you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do.

 How to create a bucket list

A bucket list is not done within a day, it usually takes days to get a basic list.  It will never actually be completed as it will be forever evolving.  There will be new items added or old ones removed because you lose interest doing them.

There are many ways to do a bucket list but the way I did mine was to sit down one day with a pen and paper and asked a few questions to myself:

  • What I always wanted to do?
  • What I would definitely like to do today if I was to die tomorrow?
  • What challenges would give me the biggest confidence boost?
  • When I imagine myself completely happy, what I actually doing or where I am?

After that I thought about things that I have done in the past that am proud of, or have really vivid happy memories about.  I put them on the list and crossed those ones off.  All these crossed off points encouraged me to cross even more off.

After that I started to read lots of other bucket lists for some inspiration.   Once my mind started rolling, the ideas where endless and I found many new things that I would like to do.  I put my list on my bedroom wall, so I saw it every morning.  It just has to be somewhere visible, maybe on a fridge door or your PC screen saver.  If I glimpse them every day it reminds me what really matters and to get those lines crossed off.  

Life is a roller coaster and sometimes we go through difficult times, but still at the end of the day we should remind ourselves that life is to short and we have to enjoy it, the bucket list is a great way to keep us focused.

If you feel lonely doing your list, then find encouragement from friend who is also a fellow bucketlister or find like-minded bucketlisters online.  There is a whole community of bucketlisters out there and on bucketlist.org you can find lots of them.  On this page you can get ideas, inspiration and encouragement from others as well as share your achievements to encourage others.

My bucket list 

Utterly random order. Not all the points cost money loads of them just crazy little ideas, but most of my points are travel and adventure related.

0. Enjoy life!! (Everyday)

1.Go to Los Angeles Venice beach to look at the Ocean like David Hasselhoff from Baywatch (USA 2009) 

2. Be a “yes man” for a month

3. Swim with sharks (Bahamas 2008)

4. Run a marathon (NYC marathon 2011)

5. Take part in a flash mob (United Kingdom 2013, random pillow-fight in London)

5. Hold a koala (Australia 2010)

Koala bear Australia

Australia 2010: Holding a koala can be dangerous if you don’t follow the keeper’s advice. Which is not to move your hands during holding the koala otherwise she can feel threatened and can scratch your face with her long nails. But she was just so fluffy and cute that I could not help not to stroke accidentally her bum so she looked at me and I knew I was in trouble, and this is when the picture was taken. No animals or humans were hurt though when the picture was taken.

6. Learn to dance tango in Buenos Aires (Argentina 2012)

7. Go up escalator in the wrong way

8. Trek in Yellowstone park

9. Wild camp in Patagonia

10. Go on African safari (Tanzania 2009)


Tanzania 2009: Somewhere on the road

11. Taking a bike ride across Panama

12. Do something completely unselfish (organised a charity dinner in aid of Nepal, United Kingdom 2015)

13. See cherry blossom in Japan

14. Pay someone’s grocery

15. Be part of a Guinness World Record attempt (England 2015, successful attempt of most people tossing pizza dough in the air)

16. Ride an ostrich

17. Hold up a free hug sign

18. Bungee jumping (Australia 2010)

19. Pretending to be posh in Monaco (Monaco 2013)

20. Party at Times square at New Years’s eve

21. Rock climb in some remote area of the world (Morocco 2014)

Rockclimbing Morocco

Morocco 2014: Rock climbing in remote areas of Anti-Atlas


22. Step foot in all of the 7 continents

23. Try internet dating (England 2013) 

24. Rock climbing in the Rockies

25. Eat an insect (Cambodia 2016 Scorpio, grasshopper)

26. Sand-boarding  (United Arab Emirates 2013)

27. Climb a 7000m peak

28. Find Nemo

29. See the Northern lights in Iceland with mum and dad

30. Party with the locals in Sambadrome in Rio Carnival (Brasil 2012)


Brasil Carnival

Brasil 2012: enjoying the Carnival in Rio with the locals

31. Spend Christmas in bikini somewhere hot (Thailand 2015)

32. Take a helicopter flight (Nepal, 2013 in stormy weather among the mountains)

33. Go to airport and take the first available flight

34. Party in Las Vegas (USA 2010)

35. Go to Cuba until Castro is the boss (Cuba 2008)

36. Do voluntary work (Nepal 2015 teaching english and earthquake awareness)

37. Take pictures with police in as many countries as many I can (continuous)


France 2014: One of the souvenir picture with hot policemen.

38. Stay in an ice hotel

39. Walk around the Colosseum in Rome (Italy 2012)

40. See the pyramids in Egypt with mum and dad

41. Get adrenaline rush at Mount Hua (I fell in love with the stairs when I saw on the internet)

42. Play Bingo with oldies

43. Make an important decision with a coin toss

44. Do a charity walk (100km non-stop, England 2012)

45. Trek on one of the remote trekking trail to Machu Picchu

46. Go to Himalayas (Nepal 2012)

Nepal Himalayas high altitude

Nepal 2013: Moonrise above 5000m in Hidden valley in the Himalayas


47. Go on a hot air balloon flight (Tanzania 2009)

48. Visit Chernobyl

49. Go via-ferrating (Italy 2013)

50. Go paragliding

51. Visit Galapagos island

52. Get married on a tropical island beach or cliff face

53. Climb a volcano

54. Party in Ibiza (Spain 2010)

Ibiza party

Spain 2010: Party in one of the biggest clubs of Ibiza the Privilage

55. Cycle around lake Balaton in Hungary

56. Road trip in America

57. Go to a monestry and learn to meditate (Thailand 2016)

58. Learn to surf (Australia 2010)

59. See a adult show in Amsterdam (Netherlands 2013)

60. Learn how sail

61. To see the new years fire works going off from the tallest building on the planet (United Arab Emirates 2012/2013)


UAE 2012: New Years fireworks from Burj Khalifa which is the tallest (828m) building on the planet.

62. Eat a fresh hot croissant in the morning in Paris (France 2014)

63. Be somebody’s mentor

64. Try a pole dancing class (England 2012)

65. Buy a Hawaiian shirt in Hawaii like Magnum PI had (mmm hairy chest)

66. Visit the Abandoned Tunnel of Love in Ukraine

67. Snorkelling in Great Barrier Reef (Australia 2010)

68.  Say no to everything for a day

69. Cuddle a giant sequoia (USA 2012)

70. Learn snowboarding (France 2011)

Snowboarding France winter

French Alps 2011: Ended up with fractured wrist and damaged knee but at least I learned to snowboard!

71. Deep water soloing (Spain 2013)

72. Skydive (Australia 2010)

73. Touch an Easter Island Moíai

74. Travel around the world with a backpack (started 2015)

75. Hitch hiking (United Kingdom 2014)

76. Have a pizza with a handsome Italian man in Italy (Italy 2010)

77. Celebrate Falles in Valencia

78. Visit K2 Basecamp

79. Sweat it out at Bikram yoga (England 2013)

80. Visit Grand Canyon (USA 2010)


USA 2010: Standing on the edge of the South rim of the Grand Canyon

81. Get tidier (never going to happen but must be on the list)

82. See the Summer Olympic Games  (United Kingdom 2012)

83.  Learn to yodel

84. Meet my idol (England 2012 Gary Barlow from Take That, met rock band Bikini 2013)

85. See a Space shuttle (USA 2009)

86. Fly on a hydroplane in Alaska

87. Write a letter to my future myself

88. Go to space

89. Celebrate Holi in India

90. Use a water jet-pack

91. Ride a camel in the desert (United Arab Emirates 2013)


UAE 2013: Getting ready to ride a very wobbly camel. There are 2 kind of camels the one-humped and two-humped camels. I was riding the one-humped one as they inhabit the Middle East and two-humped inhabits Central Asia.


92. Get a Masters degree (Budapest 2006)

93. Hold a giant spider in my hand (I have arachnophobia)

94. Go on a traditional Italian wedding in Italy (Italy 2014)

95. See Fuerzabruta

96. Go on a hovercraft (USA 2009)

97. Eat frogs legs (France 2014)

98. See a drag show (Spain, Canary Islands, 2008)

99. Visit Disney world (USA  2009)

100. Celebrate St Patrick’s day in Dublin (Ireland 2013)


St Patrick's day

Ireland 2013: Saint Patrick’s Day is celebration held on 17 March, the traditional death date of the foremost patron saint of Ireland. It is celebrated all over the world but the biggest celebration is in Dublin where everything and everybody turns green on the day.


101. Having leeches on my body (Nepal 2015)

102.  Hiking the Stampede trail in Alaska

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  1. Vijay Kaul

    We met on Emirates flight. Hope u caught your flight to Nepal without problems. If you are in Pokhara you must find time to visit the Buddhist Stupa on top of a hill just outside the town. I forget the name but lovely views of the valley and mountains. You should try to visit it at sunrise !!
    Good luck Susan and have lots of fun around the Annapurna sanctuary. …..and keep writing.

    • Female Yeti

      Hi Vijay, it was lovely to meet you:) and thank you for keeping company on the plane:) Yeah was running but managed to get my flight, and even my bag arrived:). Thanks for the tip for the stupa, will look into it. Hope to see you soon, if my travels go towards Delhi def will contact you:)

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