New Year’s Eve at Patong beach

Spending the New Year’s eve in Patong you can experience many beautiful fireworks along the beach and thousands of skylanterns which lit up the sky all night. There are also plenty of food stalls with delicious thai food.

Patong is on the west coast of the Phuket island. The town is (in)famous about the parties which last till the morning every day. New year’s eve is the biggest party. Even the partyqueen Paris Hilton spent it here a few years ago. It is recommended to book your accomodation on time otherewise you can only choose some bad or expensive ones.

The party on the beach is free. Not everybody can afford a private, expensive party. People from all over the world and all walk of life start to go down to the beach at 8pm at new years eve. This party not attended only by 20 years old crazy, drunk backpackers, eventhough there are plenty of them there. On the beach you have plenty of music, foodstalls, people, happiness, fireworks and drink. Lots of people drinking cocktails from buckets, which they regret the next day. Or they drinking dirty cheap thai whiskey, called Hong Thong, which I think is rather a nail varnish.

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Wherever you look there are fireworks.

Thousands of “good-luck” lanterns lit up the sky all night. According the beliefs release a good-luck lantern to give power to your wishes and dreams for the New Year. It is very entertaining just to sit down and see people to try to lit this lanterns, it is def not easy.  You need also to release it when you have the right wind direction otherwise it will land quickly in water or worst case, somebody’s head.

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Thousands of lanters are lit up during the night.

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Romantic couples are releasing big red heart shaped lanterns wishing a happy future together.

Lots of people think that swimming is a good idea whilst you drunk.

On the beach you have many bars where you can just join in to party for free.

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One of the free party on the beach.

After a while people get tired and start to go home, but the more enthusiasts still litting up lanterns. Unfortunately when the beach is started to be emptied out you can see all the tonns of rubbish left behind which will be swept into tho water by the high tide.

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Tonnányi szemét a parton.

After the beach went to Bangla road which is the second biggest hotspot for parties in town. Here are plenty of nightclubs, go-go bars, sadist bars open till the morning. The Bangla street is roughtly  500 meters long of party street where the bars open every day till the morning. On New Years eve there was no chance to get in any of these bars but you had plenty of fun on the streets.

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Infamous Bangla street.

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