One crazy idea over a coffee to travel around the world

I have always loved to travel, but the actual idea to travel around the world with a backpack was born over a coffee one afternoon in London.   That strong latte changed this passion for travel into a target I would like to achieve in the near future, and it will come true when I board the plane to Kathmandu on the 9th of September 2015.

Katmandu Nepal Kathmandu

The hustle and bustle of Kathmandu. I cannot wait to go back not just like a tourist but with a plan to help.  Kathmandu was the only city in the world I felt safe at anytime of the day even night.  I did get lost many times but loved the adventure of finding my way, it’s an amazing way to explore cities and the world.

I felt for a while that I needed some change in my life.  I have been doing my job for a good few years and every day looked the same without any real challenge.  Along with this, all of my friends were getting married and having babies.  My brain just did not want to think about establishing a family yet, I felt I was stuck and just got comfortable.  I cannot complain though as at least once a year I went overseas and trekked, climbed and partied a lot, never had one minute where I felt bored.

Despite living a good life I still felt I needed a big change not just a job change.  I felt the same when I moved to England over 10 years ago, which decision I have never regretted.  That time I also needed something that takes me out of my comfort zone, because this is how we develop.  If we just sit back comfortably, days then years will go by without doing anything meaningful.  I just knew I needed a big change.

Bungy jumping Ausztralia Australia

Jumping out of my comfort zone in Australia over the jungle. Every now and then we need to push ourselves out of the comfort zone.  This was only for a few seconds, it felt years.

Let’s start the story from the beginning.  I moved to England with a few pounds and suitcase without speaking English.  Until this time I never traveled outside Europe, but I knew there is a huge exciting world out there where I would like to go, see beautiful places, get to know different cultures and people.  London was the perfect location thanks to the fact that it is a huge melting-pot of the world.  I was able to get to know different cultures without spending money on airplane ticket.  I also wanted to travel and have now been on 6 continents with only Antarctica left.

London Anglia little Venice, London England Little Venice

I am leaving London after 10 amazing years but London will be here when I am back just like Budapest will, so I think I have nothing to lose!

Lets get back to that famous latte.  One day my friend (who I met in the Himalayas) emailed that he is coming back from Asia after backpacking there for half a year.  He said he has one hour free before catching a train, so he suggested to meet up for a coffee, I said yes.  I knew he will have a few interesting stories to tell, although I never thought that latte will change my life (hopefully for the better).  I was not really thinking of backpacking around the world as I thought I would be never able to do such a big thing.  Clutching the cup and drinking that coffee changed my perception.

My friend was telling his story and I thought, hang on a minute, why I am not able to do the same as him?  I thought that I would not leave my lovely job for backpacking for half a year though.  So the ‘idea’ was born; travel around the world without plans!  My friend was just telling his stories and quietly in my head I changed my future.  I did not really pay attention to him and just nodded to whatever he said.  When we said our good-byes, I stepped out of the coffee shop and the cold London winter wind hit my face!  Even though it was very cold, I decided to walk home instead of taking the bus as I wanted to think more about this new idea that was by now going over and over in my head!

That evening I had a big Christmas dinner at my friend’s place and I mentioned my idea to the group.  Quite surprisingly, all of them supported me.  I knew then for sure that at some point in the near future I would by buying a one way airplane ticket somewhere very far away.  

All this happened over a year and a half ago, and since then, my enthusiasm and thoughts have never flattened.  I never even had one second of doubt that I wouldn’t do it.  I knew I will need lots of information and equipment but most of all money.  I started to save from that day and started to research different equipment on the internet.  I was also thinking of how I can share this dream with my family, friends and the world to prove that dreams can come true!

I’m hoping to help inspire others to follow their dreams too, whatever they may be.

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